Many a times there is a need to include assembly in ‘C’ code. Most of the compilers support inline assembly code. Below is an example code for a delay loop tested on TMS470 compiler (v5.1) for Cortex M3 and Cortex R4 Advertisements

Every embedded system that i have worked on, had some kind of serial host interface RS232 , I2C or SPI. To automate the testing of these systems a tool with GUI was developed on the PC, and PC was used as a host during test. The tool on PC side would also have the capability […]

Debug Server Scripting (DSS) is a set of cross platform Java APIs to the Debug Server which allow scripting through Java or 3rd Party tools such as as JavaScript (via Rhino), Java, Python (via Jython), TCL (via Jacl/Tclblend), etc. JavaScript is the default (and preferred) scripting language supported by DSS. The Debug Server is the […]

Links for picoblaze: Xilinx picoblaze page picoblaze user guide XILINX reference designs for picoblaze Pacoblaze : picoblaze clone in verilog Software development tools for picoblaze: Mediatronics pBlazeIDE openPICIDE KCAsm (java based assembler from PACOblaze)

ARM Placing C variables at a specific address

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